Temporary Barricades

Temporary Barricades

A lot of times people see temporary security fencing in place, but they do not respect the barrier that has been established. They will push past the temporary security fencing and go in the area that is being blocked off without giving any thought to why the barricade was there.

When construction workers, city workers, and utility workers are doing a job around the city they frequently block the access of all other people to the area where they will be working. It takes them time and money to establish temporary security fencing around the perimeter of a project area, but they do this to protect people from being injured. They would not take the time to establish the barricade if there were no danger involved in the area.

People see the orange netting that these workers place around something they consider to pose a health risk to the general population and they often wonder why they use this netting. The netting does not look like it could really be a good barricade because it is plastic and would be easy to cut through. It would be easy to jerk this material up even if you were a young teenager, so why go through the trouble and expense to set it up?

The main reason for the bright orange plastic net being placed around dangerous areas is to draw the attention of people to those areas. You see that bright orange plastic net and you proceed with caution. They use this item for the same reason they use a plastic road cone, it catches the attention of most people and causes them to pay more attention to their surroundings. This prevents more than half of the injuries that would occur if the plastic net was not in place.

Plastic orange netting is not the only temporary security fencing that is used. Some construction sites have to put up a more rigid fence to protect the equipment that the contractors leave at the site. A lot of young people would play on the construction equipment and possibly damage it if the barricade was not put in place to stop them. Some people would even try to steal the equipment if the barricade was not put in place.

When there are dangerous chemicals at a working location the company that is liable for all injuries that occur will establish good barricades to stop unauthorized people from being able to gain access to the chemicals. This is also done if the location has any type of hazard that the general public should not come into contact with. This even means the high rise buildings that are under construction because people can try to climb on the steel as it is going up and fall to their death. If an area has deep holes the company has to secure it with barricades. If the military establishes an area to hold people they are detaining they will put up temporary barricades to accomplish this.

Temporary security fencing is put into place in order to protect the general public. Temporary security fencing may not be made of strong materials, but will generally be eye catching.

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